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Romans 1:16
“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.”

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The Voice Of The Sign

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It’s day three of the Tulare meetings. Brother Branham now goes deep into the Word and brings out the meaning behind God sending prophets. He shows that these men are signs from God, preparing people for coming judgment.

Here are a few highlights from “The Voice Of The Sign.”

And Moses answered and said, But, behold, they will not believe me, nor hearken unto my voice: for they will say, The LORD hath not appeared unto thee.

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And the LORD said unto him, What is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod.

And he said, Cast it on the ground. And he cast it on the ground, and it became a serpent; and Moses fled from before it.

And the LORD said unto Moses, Put forth thine hand, and take it by the tail. And he put forth his hand, and caught it, and it became a rod in his hand:

That they may believe that the LORD God of their fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, hath appeared unto thee.

And the LORD said furthermore unto him, Put now thine hand into thy bosom. And he put his hand into his bosom: and when he took it out, behold, his hand was leprous as snow.

And he said, Put thine hand into thy bosom again. And he put his hand into his bosom again; and plucked it out of his bosom, and, behold, it was turned again as his other flesh.

And it shall come to pass, if they will not believe thee, neither hearken to the voice of the first sign, that they will believe the voice of the latter sign.

Exodus 4:1-8

And whenever you get to a place that you feel that you're nothing, then you're just about ready to come to God. When--when you get to a place that you know nothing, but you want to know something, then He'll reveal Himself to you.

Now, we find out, this exodus at hand, God met Moses and told him what was going to take place, and give him two sign. And each sign had a Voice, a Voice of a sign.

Every sign from God is followed by a Voice. Every time God gives a true sign, there is a Voice that follows it.

There was never two major prophets on the earth at one time. Never. See, He doesn't do it, because He just speaks to that one. When that one is gone, He raises another to speak at that time. Remember, that's always been His program.

The coming of a prophet is a sign that God is ready to speak. Did you... Now search the Scriptures. See? The Bible said, God said, Himself, He "did nothing until He revealed It to His prophets." That's right. He does it through them, because it comes to him. That's His servants, you know.

The coming of a prophet is a sign that's overlooked by the people, every time. They overlook it. They never get it, somehow, 'less it's those who are got their eyes opened to see it. Those who are elected to see It, does see It. But the coming of a prophet was the sign that God is ready to speak, 'cause, if God ain't going to speak, the prophet wouldn't be on earth. Now remember that, he wouldn't be on earth unless God was ready to speak. And that's the way He speaks, is through those channels.

If it doesn't give a Scriptural Voice, then stay away from it, see, it's not God.

Prophets are not hands laid on them and made prophets. Prophets are predestinated for the hour. The Bible tells when they'll come, what they'll be. Prophets are--are sent from God. They are offices of God, that's been born.

Notice, the Pillar of Fire sign, and then the Voice of the sign spoke. See? The Pillar sign, of the Voice, was there ready to speak. The sign only showed that the Voice was ready to speak.

The Voice is ready to speak because we see the sign. The Pillar of Fire was there to say that the Voice was ready to speak.

Also, it must be a Scriptural sign, must be a Scriptural vindication of the Word that's promised for that day.

The ministers here, and many of you brethren out there, know what the Urim Thummim was. It was--it was the breastplate of Aaron. They hung it up on a post in the temple. And now notice, when that man begin to speak, and, if whatever he said, if it wasn't true, that Light stood still; it was nothing. But what he said, if it was true, then a conglomeration of Lights, like a rainbow, begin to flash. And that was called the Urim Thummim.

The Urim Thummim today is God's Bible. That shows what's supposed to take place today.

There is only one sign we look for, and that's the vindicated Word of God, when it's THUS SAITH THE LORD. That's the Voice of the sign, God's Word first.

That's the only way that the members of the churches of this day will fail to go into the Judgment, is when they believe the sign and hear the Voice of God.

Before anything happens, God comes with a prophet, to vindicate His Word. And that coming of a prophet is a sign.

He promised to do it again in the last days, and He will do it! It's such a time that we're promised of this, at that time that we are going to see Malachi 4 fulfilled, exactly what He said it; a sign of the coming judgment, burning fire that will destroy all the unbelief, and the righteous will walk out upon the ashes of the wicked. It's promised. It's prophesied. It's THUS SAITH THE LORD. It's got to be. What's his Voice going to do, when this man comes on the scene? It's going to be revealing Jesus Christ's promised Word. That's exactly the only thing it can be, for the Bible said, in Hebrews 13:8, "He is the same yesterday, today, and forever." Right.

He also said, in Luke 17:30, "In the like it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man, when the Son of man will be revealed." The Son of man is prophesied to be revealed. And what kind of a revelation will it be? It'll be the revelation of His living, after being crucified for nineteen hundred years, and is raised from the dead and is alive with us. He will be revealed! Because, exactly the same things that they did at Sodom, has got to return again. You can interpret it any way you wish to, but there it is. It's just the facts, it interprets itself. The Word don't need any interpretation when It's doing it Itself. Revealing Christ in the promise of the age, that's exactly what will come on the scene.


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